Dragon Ball

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After leaving the Orin temple due to being bullied by his seniors, Krillin tracks down the legendary martial arts master and turtle hermit, Roshi, and asks to be trained by him. He discovers another young boy, named Son Goku, is also seeking training. Together, the two are accepted, and spend the next several months training in the turtle style.

21st World Tournament



Krillin's strength rises to great heights under the tutelage of Master Roshi, and alongside Goku, the two make quick work of each of their opponents in the 21st World Tournament. However, he is eventually eliminated when he faces an old fighter named Jackie Chun, who is actually Master Roshi in disguise.

Krillin (Red Ribbon saga)



After the tournament, Krillin returns to Master Roshi's island to continue his training. However, he is eventually enlisted to help Goku & Bulma recover the dragon balls taken by the Red Ribbon Army. This ultimately leads to confrontation between Krillin and Gen. Blue. Later, Krillin also travels with Goku and Yamcha to fight against Fortuneteller Baba's fighters, with Krillin facing off against a vampiric kickboxer.

Krillin (22nd Annual Martial Arts Tournament saga)

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Krillin further trains under Muten Roshi pp, this time alongside his newest student, Yamcha. Together, they enter the next tournament, where they are immediately confronted by the top two students of a rival school. Krillin is able to narrowly beat one of the Crane students, Chiaotzu , but once again is eliminated in the semifinals when he is matched against his friend and rival, Goku. He is soon after ambushed and killed by a spawn of the demon king Piccolo, Tambourine.

Krillin (23rd World Tournament)



Krillin travels to and climbs Korin tower in order to train with the legendary master Korin, alongside Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha. They train there together for a time, then go their separate ways to hone their skills. They meet back up with the others at the 23rd World Tournament, where Krillin once again gets to the semifinals, this time facing Piccolo Jr. Though he is initially able to put up a decent fight, he is quickly eliminated once Piccolo decides to get serious.

Dragon Ball Z

Krillin (Radtiz Saga)

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Five years after the defeat of Piccolo, Krillin attends a reunion with Bulma and Goku. The reunion is interrupted by the arrival of a strange warrior who calls himself Raditz. After attempting to brush the strange warrior away, Krillin is knocked out by a swipe of the Saiyan's tail. After Goku is killed, Krillin is informed that he has been summoned, along with Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha, to train with Kami in preparation for the arrival of Raditz' comrades in a year's time.

Krillin (Saiyan Saga)

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After training with Kami, Krillin's power generously increases to a point that he is able to kill multiple Saibamen. However, he is proven to be no match afterward against the Saiyan general Nappa, even when fighting alongside Piccolo.

Krillin (Namek Saga)

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Krillin, as well as Gohan perform image training while traveling to Namek, giving them a minor boost in strength. They arrive on planet Namek, where they are immediately confronted by two alien soldiers, who they are able to take down rather quickly. But they soon find out that Vegeta, as well as many other adversaries are also hunting for the dragon balls.

Krillin (Captain Ginyu Saga)

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During his time on Namek, Krillin rescues a young Namekian named Dende, who shortly afterward introduces him to the leader of the Namekians, Guru. His actions, along with his memories, reveal his intentions and earns the Namekian elder's trust, and Guru uses his power to awaken Krillin's potential, granting him a significant boost in strength. However, Krillin is still unable to do much against the members of the Ginyu force.

Krillin (Frieza Saga)

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After recovering from the injuries sustained against the Ginyu force, Krillin's power continues to rise due to the effect of Guru having awakened his potential. It eventually makes him strong enough to surpass the Ginyu force members, except for Captain Ginyu himself, though it does little to help him against Freeza. However, through cunning, Krillin is able to help stall the despotic emperor long enough for Goku to recover. But he is eventually killed once again, by Freeza, in retaliation against Goku.

Krillin (Android saga)

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After Goku's return to Earth, Krillin and the others are warned of a coming threat by a pair of killer androids. He spends three years training on his own, significantly boosting his strength, though he ultimately proves no match for the androids. Despite this, he does show up later to compete in the Cell games, though he is beaten by one of the Cell Jrs, and tries to help Gohan to defeat Cell.

Krillin (25th world Tournament saga)

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Several years after the defeat of Cell, Krillin's strength has declined due to having not trained. But upon hearing of Goku's return to the Earth to compete in the upcoming world tournament, Krillin trains hard in preparation, enabling him to recover and surpass his former strength. He is later killed by Majin Buu, and resumes training with Yamcha while in the Otherworld.

Dragon Ball Super

Krillin (Battle of Gods - Resurrection of Frieza Saga)

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3 Million

Krillin once again went through a period of having not trained, after having been revived, instead getting a job working as a police officer to support his family. As such, he's unable to do anything but watch as the other Z-fighters attempt to take on the God of Destruction, Beerus. Afterward, he decides to return to his martial arts roots, and assists the battle against a resurrect Freeza's soldiers.

Krillin (Tournament of Power Saga)

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3 Billion

Krillin later meets with Muten Roshi, seeking help to become stronger in order to prepare for the upcoming Tournament of Power. After traveling to a strange island, Krillin is confronted with the apparitions of those who had defeated or killed him before. Overcoming these fears, his power increases significantly, and though he's able to defeat one of the fighters in the tournament, he is ultimately the first person eliminated from Universe 7.

Krillin (Moro/Galactic Prisoner Saga)

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4 Billion

Once Jaco arrives on Earth to warn of the impending arrival of the escaped sorcerer Moro, and the galactic criminals under his command, Krillin is among the first fighters enlisted to defend the Earth. Upon their arrival, Krillin faces off against one of Moro's particularly criminal fighters, who's been magically strengthened by the sorcerer's magic. However, he is still victorious, and later watches Vegeta and Goku's fights against Moro.

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