Frieza (Namek/Frieza Saga)

Frieza  1st Form



Frieza states that in his first form his maximum power is 530,000.

Frieza 2nd Form



Frieza calmly handled the trio with little effort and claimed his power level to be over 1,000,000. Only against Piccolo (recently trained by King Kai and merged with Nail) did Frieza fight seriously. Once outmatched, Frieza used Third Form

Frieza 3rd Form



Frieza used Third Form, quickly dominating Piccolo with a torturous onslaught and managed to repel Gohan's massive rage-charged blast. Frieza claims it would be easy for him to defeat Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo in his Third Form, but transforms into his Final Form

Frieza Final Form (Heavily Suppressed)

Frieza final form render 3 sdbh world mission by maxiuchiha22 dd4p5ys-fullview.png


Frieza's suppressed power was more than a match for the four fighters, moving so fast that they couldn't see his movements. Frieza was able to easily defeat Vegeta who had received a massive power boost after being healed by Dende.

Frieza Final Form 50%



Once utilizing 50% of his full power, Frieza quickly dominated Goku, even overpowering his Kaio-ken x10, noting that a mere third of his full power would be more than enough to handle Goku. Against Goku's Kaio-ken x20 assault, using 50% was enough to disperse Goku's Kamehameha×10 with a single hand, with him only sustaining minor burns on it.

Frieza Final Form 70%



Once Goku becomes a Super Saiyan, Frieza uses even more of his power upon realizing that Goku has achieved the Legend of Super Saiyan.

Frieza Final Form (100%)



Frieza utilizes 100%, holding his own for a while against Goku, landing some blows, and nearly killed Goku, but he is ultimately outclassed.

Frieza Final Form 100% (Battle Worn) 



As the Battle between Goku and Frieza continued on the dying planet Namek. Goku states that Frieza power is decreasing with every blow.

Frieza (Trunks Saga)

Mecha Frieza



One year after his defeat on Namek, he was restored with cybernetic parts and, being much stronger than before, was certain he could defeat the mighty Super Saiyan Goku. Additionally, in the anime, King Kai notes that Frieza's Supernova is ten times stronger than the Death Ball he used to destroy Planet Namek. Despite this, he was easily killed by Super Saiyan Future Trunks.

Frieza (Resurrection F)

Frieza Base Form (Revived)

Frieza first form render 2 sdbh world mission by maxiuchiha22 dd4p59r-fullview.png


Frieza's states that he lost some of his strength from being dead for so long.

Frieza Base Form (4 months of training)


530 Billion 

Frieza's power increased dramatically, as even Gohan openly felt that even with his full power could not defeat First Form Frieza. Frieza then easily defeated Super Saiyan Gohan and killed Piccolo with a single shot.

Frieza Final Form

Frieza FF.png

6 Trillion

Frieza is strong enough to fight on par with Goku, who has reached the level of gods.

Golden Frieza


10 Quintillion 

Once witnessing Goku's Super Saiyan Blue, Frieza still believes himself able to fight him using just his final form, but is quickly proven wrong. Frieza transforms into Golden Frieza, shocking nearly everyone, including Goku and Vegeta who'd attained the same godly ki. While Goku and Frieza initially seeming on par with each other, Frieza proved much stronger than Goku once he became serious, easily pressuring Goku with no damage on Frieza's part.

Golden Frieza (Battle Worn)

Golden frieza render sdbh world mission by maxiuchiha22 dd3yi2i-fullview.png

2.5 Quintillion 

Frieza begins tiring rapidly from not yet fully mastering his new form, until eventually Frieza's blows become completely ineffective. Goku is able to turn the tide in battle in his favor.

Frieza (Tournament Of Power Saga) 

Final Form Frieza 


60 Trillion 

During the Tournament of Power, in the manga, Final Form Frieza easily caught Lavender and Basil off guard to eliminate them. In the anime, Frieza easily defeats Catopesra and Napapa. He also damages Roselle's wings, causing the latter to ring out to avoid Frieza's threat of torture. Later, when Kale took on her Legendary Super Saiyan form, Frieza was not intimidated by her power, simply smiling as she transformed.

True Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza art.png

100 Quintillion 

Frieza still maintained his Golden form, demonstrating his superior ki control. In the manga, Goku and Frieza battle each other during Goku's negotiation with Frieza to join Team Universe 7, ending with both equally beaten up. Based on this fight, Goku is unsure of who would win between Vegeta and Frieza. However, Frieza acknowledges that he is still weaker than Beerus.